A Pen Bought after Having an Idea

A Pen Bought after Having an Idea, 2008

A Pen Bought after Having an Idea

Pen, 2008

I once had an idea. You know ideas. They are tricky things. They come and go whenever they please. Having them is one thing. Keeping them is another. It helps to have a pen, to write them down and get them out of your head before they start to wander off, because they tend to do that. Wandering around, hopping cheerfully from one mind to the next.

But when you have an idea, but no pen, you need to get a pen as well. To get a pen requires another idea. The idea to actually think about getting a pen. Now you have two idea’s. Inside your mind. The initial idea which is penless. And the other idea, which is as pen as it can get.

Before this imaginary pen nails this specific idea to the paper, many things can happen. Many things, which can disturb or distort your initial idea, so it’s a matter of getting a pen as fast as possible. To get the idea on the paper as fresh and as pure as possible. Like a new born baby and not an old rotten fart. But before you are that far, there are many decisions to make. Decisions about where to get a pen? Ask somebody on the street? What if there is nobody on the street? Go to a pen store? What store sells pens? Does a electronics store sells pens? A grocery? A night shop? Go into a bar? There is alcohol inside a bar. Alcohol is always dangerous for ideas. Especially young ones.

Before you know it, there is a whole squadron of ideas assailing your mind. And the initial two idea’s are already difficult together. They tend to make a mess of the mind. Just the two. Let alone a whole platoon.

But here the mind does something smart. It has it’s smart moments. It needs to be mentioned. So before you know it, the mind, out of self-preservation, turns these two idea into just one. Just one single idea, which is, admittedly, a mess of an idea. Nothing but a ball of twirling thoughts about pens and idea’s strangling each other to death like kids fighting over the latest playstation console. But the only thing you can think about now is how to get this one idea, just this one knot out of your brain as fast as possible and onto the paper, before your head turns into an avalanche of ideas and pens, which is rolling across the sidewalk, accumulating more and more thoughts as it rolls along, and which gets everything stuck in there, except for a body with a good pair of feet to hold it firmly attached to the ground.