X loves Y Forever

x loves y - graffiti on wall, 2009

X loves Y Forever

graffiti on wall, 2009


When you want something really really bad you make it heard. You shout it as loud as you can. You tell it to whoever is interested and also to those who don’t give a damn. It’s important. It’s of vital importance. Everybody needs to know. Especially the ignorant ones. Especially these lazy i don’t give a rat’s ass sloths turning around in their own misery every damn day of the week. Especially those. So you shout it. You grab them by their collars, every last one of them, every last one of these nine to five people suffocating in their ties. You grab them, you pull them near, you shake them around a fair bit until they look you in the eye and from the top of your longues you shout your message in their face: LOVE! That’s what you shout. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

It’s of vital importance. LOVE. It is. There is not enough of it around the world. Not to your taste at least. To your taste, there is never enough LOVE. Never. You can have enough dinners to eat, enough drinks to drink, enough cars to drive, enough mistress to please you, but there is never, never-ever, enough love to love. Never.

A lack of love. That’s what ruining this world. You go to the supermarket and you smile at the girl behind the register and she doesn’t smile back. Where is the love? Show me some love lady, come on…What’s wrong with you? You look outside the window and it’s sunny and you go outside your building, all in good mood, and looking forward to being outside in this nice weather and it starts to rain. What’s up with that? There’s no love in that. No love at all. So you look up at the sky and you look at the grey clouds and you shout from the top of your longs as loud as you can: LOOOOOOOOVE!!!!! holding down the O button on your keyboard as you do it.

You know why its’ raining, why mother nature or that dear almighty god decided it should rain at the very moment you leave your house. It’s because there is not enough LOVE in the world. A lack of love, is the sun obscured by clouds. But you don’t care. You just LOVE. That’s all you can do. So in the pouring rain, the pouring loving rain, you go into the street and you tell anybody you can to LOVE LOVE LOVE. You take away their rain provoking umbrella’s which you trample underneath your feet, and you shout at their confused owners, you shout and you shout as loud as you can LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE! So loud it blows the rain straight out of their faces. And you tell them YOU DONT NEED AN UMBRELLA, YOU JUST NEED LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

You would die for LOVE. But only if it helped. YOu don’t think it does. Looking at the world the way it is now. Can’t make a difference when you are dead. So better to leave something behind. Leave some LOVE behind. You look at people. You tell them with your eyes. LOVE. Your eyes are very intense. There are arms jumping out of them. Embracing everyone, everything they touch with LOVE. You whisper it into the ears in front of you in the cinema. l o v e. In the bus. In the subway. YOu wear a t-shirt which says LOVE. Even if it is blistering cold. You never wash it. YOu take it as it is. That’s LOVE. That’s how important it is. LOVE. You tattoo a heart on your forehead. Between your eyes. Just to get the message clear. It can never be clear enough. LOVE. How difficult is it. This LOVE? It’s very simple. It’s a matter of mentality really. It’s all in the mind. LOVE. People just need a bit more of that. Some LOVE in their mind. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

LOVE to feel connected to the world. To not feel alone. To care. LOVE is a glue which binds everything together. True LOVE. It’s like super glue, it glues everything. Even the ugly things. Even those. LOVE it doesn’t discriminate. People do. But love no. LOVE just loves. All. Everything. Unconditionally. Forever.